Shooting the stars at night is by far the most difficult type of photography I have attempted, but also the most rewarding. Take for example the first photo below, the Milky Way over the Kaaimans Bridge in Wilderness. To get this image, I had to scout the area during daylight, make sure that the Milky Way will be visible over the bridge at night (using a great app called PhotoPills) , and then get to the right spot at 2am after wading through a river.

While shooting, a wave surged from the sea and very nearly swamped me and my camera equipment. I plucked my tripod and camera bag up from the sand literally one second before the wave washed over everything, and jumped onto a rock! - this all happened in pitch darkness and only afterwards did I realize how dangerous it was. But I got an interesting photo and was able to make several large prints for others to also enjoy. Not recommended for new photographers :-)  
Kaaimans Bridge
Moeg Geploeg (Tired of Ploughing)
Tree on the Highway
Zebra District Church
Victoria Bay with Jupiter Rising
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